Fire & Smoke Restoration

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Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration

A fire in a home or business is an incredibly traumatizing experience. Once the sirens and crews are gone, ProWest will help you pick up the pieces and begin the rebuilding process. Fire and smoke damage rehabilitation requires structural integrity inspections, debris removal and cleanup, and reconstruction. Having a professional by your side that knows what to expect and how to handle the project to minimize the long term effects of a fire disaster is vital.


Once you’ve reported the fire to your insurance provider, an adjuster will be assigned to handle your claim. Damaged belongings or merchandise need to be professionally restored as rapidly as possible. Your property and structure will need to be secured. Structures exposed to the elements by damaged roofing, windows or doors, need to be safeguarded and boarded up promptly.


Fire damage claims involve restoration of your smoke damaged contents, fire and smoke clean up, as well as extensive reconstruction. Professionally containing and processing smoke odor is one of the most critical factors of fire restoration. ProWest’s emergency response teams will properly process your damaged contents and remove all burned building materials. Once the demolition is complete, the remaining structure along with the air inside, must be treated before proceeding. ProWest uses the latest state-of-the-art methods to effectively eliminate fire odors from structures.


Your insurance provider will be paying for the fire and smoke damage repairs. It is important to engage a professional restoration contractor who has experience in dealing with the estimating and payment procedures typical of insurance carriers. Since its founding in 2002, ProWest has satisfied their clients and is now recognized as the company to lean on when it comes to hardships and the detailed process of putting lives back together smoothly.

Emergency Fire Response

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